For some people coming to Tijuana is a scary stressful adventure, with all the "Cartel" stories, vendors trying to rip you off, kidnappings, etc.. etc...  What I tell everyone is, would you walk down a dark street in Chicago, New York, or LA, probably not, same here. Common sense is a common rule.


Then there are those who have the drive to make the decision to go for your fantasies and needs and cross the border.  This is for you. When I first started years ago, I was just like you.  I knew I wanted to have fun, but the idea of going to another country concerned me.  So I one day took the "chance" crossed the border and have been coming for many years.

So, let's talk a little about what to expect with Angels of Baja.  Angels of Baja was created by a Mongraal (man whore) for Mongraal's.  Most of our customers are either Married, or in a relationship and want that spark back in their lives without having to worry about the consequences of enjoying their desires, and we support that!  This is geared toward the new person who wants more.


You have 2 ports of entry. Otay Mesa and San Ysidro  If you are on a time schedule and do not want to wait in the long lines coming back we suggest to walk across.  The cheapest parking is on the Otay Border side, $12 for 24hrs.  San Ysidro is around $8 per 8 hours.  If you drive, all the hotels that we suggest have secure covered garage type parking below your room.


Mexican Customs

When walking across you will have to fill out a declaration form with your Passport number and name on it.  It is easy to fill out you take it to the front desk, the ask where you are going and purpose of visit.  In this case, Tijuana, here as a tourist.  If you drive, just make sure you have your cars registration and Passport in case they do a random check.  They are looking for Guns and Money.  DO NOT BRING GUNS INTO MEXICO...Ok, now you have gotten past the first part.


You have 2 options.  Uber or Taxi.  If you are a new Mongraal, we suggest Uber.  The reason is, the rates are controlled, usually around  $3.5US from the border to the room.  We offer optional Uber service for $5.00 each way. Plus, you can pay the driver cash here in Mexico and not leave a papertrail.  Or taxi, which is approx 100 pesos. 


Their are a ton of pharmacies here in Tijuana.  Usually if you go to a local one a box of 10 Viagra should cost you $8US and some pharmacies have a buy 2 boxes and get one free.   Speaking from experience, if you have high blood pressure, get the 50MG version.  The 100MG will really mess up.  I thought I was going to die one time, explain that one to the wife.  Also purchase a bottle of water, you will get thirsty between the Viagra and sex.

Motels  (see below)

There are many "No tell" hotels here in Tijuana.  The most popular are M20, Premier, and La Mansion. I will expand on these in a little bit.  When you arrive at the hotel, and they all do the same thing, They will ask what type of room you want, how many guest you will have.  The approx cost is 550 peso for you and a guest and an extra 250 pesos per extra guest.  They take pesos, cash, or credit card for 4 hours.  They will ask for your drivers license or some type of identification to hold onto. In case you think you are Joe Walsh and want to trash the room.  Once in your room, you can order beer, tequilla, or whatever you feel like drinking.  Once you get your hotel room you then message/email Angels of Baja your room number and shortly after that, your "date" will arrive.

Your Date

Here is what to expect.  You will be sitting in your room watching TV, drinking.  The Porn channel are always Channels 110, 111, 112, 113.  You will get a knock on the door, and your date will arrive.  Just for clarity, when she walks in the door, that is when the clock starts.  So do not waste too much time on chit chat.  Allot of the girls will take a shower and most of the time you can join in.  Then the rest is between 2 consenting adults.  All our models are 18yrs old and older, they are working voluntary with no outside pressure or coercion.  A real good thing to have on your phone is Google Translate.  It will make you communication allot easier.

Finishing & Leaving

When your time is up, take a shower, get dressed and do what you want.  If you have us set up your Uber, they will be waiting downstairs after the agreed upon time. Or you can have the front desk get you a taxi.

Crossing back to the US

There are 3 entry points back to the USA.  2 in San Ysidro and 1 in Otay.  When you cross back have your passport ready.  Now, what if you forgot your passport or it is expired?  If you are a US Citizen, do not even worry about it, as long as you have some type of Drivers License or Government ID you are golden.  THEY WILL LET YOU INTO THE USA.  The Border Patrol will ask for your ID, if you are declaring anything. In both countries, you are allowed (1) handle or 5th of alcoholic beverages, no perscribed drugs, keep the Viagra in your pocket.. and where you are going.  After that, back in the good old United States of American. 

Covering your tracks

So this part is for the person who is in a long time relationship and really doesn't want to mess it up.  How you get your money out of the bank without your significant other not knowing,  is on you.

1) WhatsApp, it is internet based phone app and will not be on your phone bill and can be deleted on a moments      notice, also, hide your number in the settings so that a random "friend" can not see you or your conversations.

2) DO NOT SEND EMAILS from your accessible email account. Open a Bing or MSN email account, nobody really uses them and will not suspect it.

3) Do not get cocky when you get back home just because you just got done being with a 18 yr old + women.

4) Do not keep peso's in your pocket. If you only have less than 100peso, give it as a tip or to a homeless person.

Hotel Pics and Information


This is one our personal favorite hotels.  A little off the beaten path located in a more industrial area. They have rooms with stripper poles, you can also upgrade to a jacuzzi in your room.  The photos below show RM17, one of the bigger ones.  All the rooms have a mirror on the ceiling.

Hotel Premier

Located off one of them main roads, this hotel has many different themed rooms.

La Mansion

One of the older hotels that has been around for a long time in Tijuana. Allot of DNA left there.  Nice & Friendly staff.

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